The Moderator Between Buyer And Seller

Real estate is a business where the selling and buying of the property along with everything natural surrounding it and the person who deals with all these issues between the buyer and seller is a real estate agent. This industry has grown a lot and people have been working as the agent and brokers to earn their bread and butter.  

A real estate agent can either work as a freelancer with an agency or they can start up their own business otherwise they can work full time for the agency, and they will pay the wages. The more architectural structures an agent sells the more money he makes, as the agent get his share from the money buyer paid to buy a property as his income. 

This is the reason why there are certain qualities required to become a good real estate agent in the huge and never-ending race of real estate agents Capricorn Coast.


  • A real estate agent needs to get licensed as people will not trust an agent without a license.
  • He should have convincing interpersonal skills.
  • He should be knowledgeable about the local property.
  • As is has to move a lot in a car so, he must have a driver’s license. 

Like all the other persons related to any profession has certain duties to fulfil, just like that these agents also have certain duties that are required to be fulfilled to have a good business. These duties are as follows.


  • Must generate clients that are potentially interested in buying, selling or renting a property. 
  • To speed up the pace of the given task, they should advertise the property-related deals in the best manner. 
  • Showcase the properties to the potential buyers and sellers.
  • Documentation is by far the most important element of the dealing, hence, the agent must prepare all the documents related in buy, selling or renting like, purchase agreements, rental agreements, loyalty contracts, and every sort of other document involved in the legal process.
  • He must ensure all the terms in the agreements are followed during the process and they are fulfilled. 

It is a responsibility to keep his real estate license and driving license valid and update his knowledge to make sure the maximum reduction of the problematic situation in the process. 

 Agent and Broker:

Although a real estate agent and real estate broker have the same job to do, there is a slight difference between the two. A real estate broker is licensed to run his own business while the agents are not and hence the agent has to work under or with the brokers to stay in the legal limits. This law is to protect the properties of the people from the possible thieves and thugs.